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TDf & Teams

Organizations succeed by bringing together capable people with differing styles, talents, skills, and interests and uniting them around a common purpose. This can also be a problem. Differences can divide the group and block them from achieving – or even agreeing upon – common goals.

TDƒ Helps Teams Deliver

Different teams pose different management problems and raise differing issues of trust, communication, coordination, and accountability. TDƒ International helps clarify the contribution individuals can make to the team. Using our proven format, and working along side the team leader, TDƒ International identifies:

  • The team’s strengths
  • The team’s vulnerabilities
  • The leader’s best contributions to the success of my team

We also identify key issues such as:

  • Understanding of the team’s mission;
  • The team’s sense of what is working/what is not;
  • The team’s sense of its leadership; and
  • The members’ clarity about their roles and contributions.

What are the benefits?

  • Improvements in productivity
  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities
  • Improvement in team morale
  • Team performance increases
  • Team members gain a greater awareness of personal strengths and limits
  • The team develops greater awareness of essential difference in perception

How do we work?

Team members take a 20-minute TDƒ personal inventory prior to the workshop. Our proprietary perceptual styles tool is the basis for understanding differences that can help or hinder team dynamics. A team pattern is constructed based on member patterns.

Additionally, the team completes a simple, yet powerful evaluation of current team interactions. The data is compiled and presented during the workshop. An action plan is established by the team to improve performance with measurable outcomes established and agreed upon.

What happens after our workshop?

The Progress Continues.

Improvements in team performance will be visible as the team moves through its established action plan and individuals leverage their talents in order to increase their unique contribution.

Why use TDƒ International?

Compared to other tools in the market, TDƒ is unmatched in its richness, content and application. Organizations large and small have benefited from our products and services. We’re confident we can help you take your team to the next level of performance.

TDƒ is all about - Understanding yourself; understanding others.