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Leadership By Design

Leadership by Design is a customized service that enables Executives to clearly define the specific behaviors they believe are required to lead their organization forward. TDƒ International provides a structured process that give clients the tools necessary for defining their unique leadership attributes, a method for assessing current capabilities in existing senior managers, a strategy for disseminating the attributes throughout the organization, and a communications platform to help install and secure the forward momentum.

What are the benefits?

  • Employees understand the specific leadership behaviors required by the organization
  • Employees receive specific feedback on their mastery of those behaviors, and a customized development plan
  • Individuals and teams reach goals more quickly
  • Productivity & morale improve

How do we work?

Working with the client, TDƒ International defines and clarifies the key leadership attributes. From there, a number of tools are implemented, including one-on-one structured behavioral interviews for members of the executive team, and a 360-degree assessment for members of the senior management team. Individual reports are provided, and a development plan created to help bolster performance.

Our proprietary perceptual styles tool – TDƒ, is introduced to provide clients with a simple way of understanding and communicating differences in style and approach. Working with the “Critical Middle”, those managers in the organization who have the responsibility of overseeing large staffs within the company, TDƒ International provides a two-day workshop that engages and solidifies support for the behaviors critical for success.

What happens after our work?

Progress Continues.

Participants of the Leadership by Design program are better prepared to increase personal effectiveness due to:

  • Clarity on the key needs of the organization
  • A personal development plan designed to bolster mastery of the key leadership behaviors
  • A structured plan for cascading the message to others in the company
  • A process for opening and maintaining two-way communication throughout the organization

Why use TDƒ International?

For decades TDƒ has made a difference in corporations large and small. Tens of thousands of workshop participants have discovered the value of understanding their unique TDƒ pattern and the confirmation of their personal strengths and limits that comes with that awareness.

TDƒ is a simple to understand, yet powerful perceptual styles tool that stays with participants long after their workshop experience. Compared to other tools in the market, TDƒ is unmatched in its richness, content and application.