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Introducing TDf

TDƒ is a perceptual styles tool. It is a way to understand people and how we work together. TDƒ explains how we see our worlds differently and how to leverage these differences to bring value instead of conflict. Within organizations, TDƒ creates a common language for the human issues that are at the heart of work: change, communication, conflict, motivation, coaching, and learning.

What are the Benefits?

TDƒ provides insight into our behavior to lead to better management, better communications, better morale, better team performance and less conflict. Additionally, TDƒ encourages people to understand their own strengths and limits, and provides a framework for understanding the strengths and limits of others.

With TDƒ:

  • People will reach goals more quickly
  • Productivity improves
  • Morale improves
  • Team performance increases
  • Participants gain an awareness of personal strengths and limits as well as an awareness of essential difference in perception

How does it work?

Participant takes a 20-minute TDƒ personal inventory on-line via the web. Results are provided in one of our highly engaging and interactive workshops.

The key learning objectives for the workshop include:

  • Understanding the TDƒ perceptual styles theory
  • Application of the theory to interpersonal and work situations
  • Appreciation for the diversity of perceptual patterns
  • An understanding of how pattern difference can help interactions and work outcomes

What happens after the workshop?

Participants leave a TDƒ workshop better prepared to increase personal effectiveness.

This occurs due to:

  • A personal development plan designed to help bolster TDƒ pattern strengths and manage vulnerabilities
  • A personal strategy for working with others who, in the past, have been challenging or difficult to interact with
  • A clearer sense of an effective, balanced approach to communicating with others