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Talent Assessment

TDƒ International Talent Assessment products are client-specific evaluation and development tools. Working in partnership with the client, we clarify the specific leadership requirements of the organization. TDƒ International provides insights and strategies to take the company’s performance to the next level.

Our suite of services include:

  • A one-on-one structured behavioral interview with feedback report and customized development plan for the Executive level.
  • Customized 360-degree evaluation process with individual and group reports – helping organizations to understand their strengths and development areas relative to the current needs of the company.
  • Workshops customized to the client’s unique needs that enable the “critical middle” – managers who have responsibility for large teams of employees – to better understand the key behaviors the organization needs to meet its objectives.

Our proprietary perceptual styles tool – TDƒ creates a common language within the organization for the human issues that are at the heart of work: change, communication, conflict, motivation, coaching, and learning. TDƒ provides insight into our behavior to lead to better management, better communications, better morale, better teams and less conflict.

What are the benefits?

  • People reach goals more quickly
  • Productivity and morale improve
  • Team performance increases
  • Key people gain awareness of personal strengths and limits– and develop specific plans to improve performance.

How do we work?

We’re flexible. If clients have a clear sense of the key behaviors they need to move forward faster, we can build tools to help assess and develop their talent. We also facilitate the process of helping clients determine the key leadership attributes they need given the challenges they are facing. Once determined, we customize our assessment tools and get to work.

What happens after our work?

Performance Improvements Continue.

As with all TDƒ International products and services, specific, measurable outcomes are verified through:

  • Personal action plans designed to help high potential employees develop even faster.
  • A feedback mechanism that helps assess how well the leadership is “walking the talk”.
  • Ongoing support and coaching where requested.

Why use TDƒ International?

For decades TDƒ International has made a difference in corporations large and small. Tens of thousands of workshop participants have discovered the value of understanding their unique TDƒ pattern and the confirmation of their personal strengths and limits that comes with that awareness. TDƒ is a simple to understand, yet powerful perceptual styles tool that stays with participants long after their workshop experience. Compared to other tools in the market, TDƒ is unmatched in its richness, content and application. TDƒ: Understanding yourself; understanding others.