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TDƒ International Consulting Services are targeted solutions to business issues. Our experienced professionals have the skills and abilities required to help clients move beyond organizational barriers and towards even greater success. Our pragmatic, behavior-based solutions are constructed with measures in place to ensure positive changes occur. Whether the issue is a merger of two cultures due to an acquisition, a new leadership team, or a new direction for the company – TDƒ International Consulting Services accelerate change.

What are the benefits?

  • Organizations reach goals more quickly
  • Productivity & morale improve
  • Team performance increases
  • Individual awareness of personal strengths & limits, and Organizational awareness of essential difference in perception

How do we work?

Client’s needs are different. TDƒ International does not provide “cookie cutter” solutions. Our highly customized approach, however, has a consistent methodology:

  • We partner with internal client support to identify the specific causes to problems – not just the surface symptoms.
  • We utilize our proprietary perceptual styles tool – TDƒ, providing the organization with a simple yet effective means of understanding the diversity of its people, as well as its strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • We provide solutions such as focus groups, individual and group interventions, problem-resolution, customized individual and organizational assessment tools, and customized training solutions.

What happens after our services?

Improvements Continue.

Our consulting services make a positive difference due to:

  • Concrete, measurable outcomes constructed to support our efforts – You’ll know if we’ve accomplished the charter at hand.
  • Our solutions are designed to ensure that teams and individuals have specific, measurable and actionable development plans that can be reviewed and tracked.
  • We provide options that enable internal resources to take on the change initiative for the long-term.

Why use TDƒ International?

For decades TDƒ has made a difference in corporations large and small. Tens of thousands of workshop participants have discovered the value of understanding their unique TDƒ pattern and the confirmation of their personal strengths and limits that comes with that awareness.

TDƒ is a simple to understand, yet powerful perceptual styles tool that stays with participants long after their workshop experience. Compared to other tools in the market, TDƒ is unmatched in its richness, content and application.