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TDf & Talents

The primary question in any sales professional's mind is "How do my customers decide to buy-and how do I make myself the one they buy from?" All other questions are peripheral. This course is designed to answer these questions.

TDF is about how people perceive the world differently and how this shapes their behavior. Different sales people sell differently and different customers buy differently. Understanding this will increase the success of any sales person.

We customize this workshop to fit your situation: your sales people, your customers, your products, and your goals.

Our target audience is sales people who have:

  • Have experience selling
  • Have an acceptable level of product knowledge

Our goals are:

  • Improved sales production;
  • Creation of a simple but effective personal development plan;
  • More effective partnering with customers based on a greater understanding of the customer's needs and expectations of the salesperson.

TDƒ can help sales people achieve these goals.