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Our Learning Solutions

The complexity, volume and challenges of work today require speed, quality and efficiency to succeed. While that statement may be obvious, one of the biggest problems facing companies today is the ineffective meeting.

Online TDF Pattern Inventory

Our well-validated inventory for identifying your TDF Pattern - the perceptual style that shapes your actions.

Web-Based Tutorial

Quick, fun, interactive introduction to the elements of TDF
Combined with the TDF Pattern Inventory, provides an individualized opportunity to identify your Pattern and learn to apply it to realistic situations.

Interactive Webinars

Follow up the WBT with an online group experience to solidify and extend your ability to apply TDF tailored webinars to fit your application needs.

Facilitated Workshops

Our classroom workshops continue to set a standard for excellence. Free-standing or follow up to WBT. Addressing key organizational issues: Communications, Teams, Sales. More information on the following pages.

TDF Expert Certification

Intensive program to make you the expert on applying TDF within your organization.