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More TDf

More TDƒ builds on what you learned about yourself and others in Introducing TDƒ and takes you to the next level in being able to apply TDƒ to your success at work and in your interactions with others.

More TDƒ takes you to the next level by focusing on:

  • Pattern balance – using all three perceptual lenses – T, D, and F – effectively. Learning to recognize the strengths in your small lens (the third letter) and learning to use your strengths to manage your vulnerabilities.
  • Communication – recognizing other people’s preferred styles, so that you can more effectively shape your messages to be heard and understood and so that you can better understand the messages they are giving you.
  • Applying the theory – every participant creates a personal plan for applying TDƒ to their work life and their interactions with others.

And we accomplish this in the way you would expect from TDƒ International – with a fast-paced, interactive, and exciting workshop. If you loved Introducing TDƒ – as tens of thousands have – here is the next step.

Participant comments:

  • It gave me a greater understanding of how to communicate and why people react to me the way they do. I would recommend this class to everyone! It can be extremely helpful not only in the office, but in your personal life as well. It helps you know yourself better and helps you to deal with others. You could really use this for counseling.
  • This course is a great way to better understand yourself and to be able to better communicate with others.
  • Everyone should take this class. I believe it is very helpful to everyone in every job. It will help us communicate better with others and communication is the key to any good relationship!
  • Embrace your small lens - there is great power there. Be aware of your shortcomings or areas of opportunities and borrow from others to help keep you balanced. TDƒ is so helpful in understanding yourself and others and how to be more successful at communicating at home and at work. Extremely informative and facilitators made class fun!