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Organizational Diagnostics

Rather than dealing with the visible side effects of a problem, TDƒ International helps clients confront the issues head on. We drill down to the root causes of organizational issues. Whether it is through facilitated focus groups, targeted one-on-one interviews, or a stakeholder assessment, TDƒ International’s experienced consultants get to heart of the matter. We then partner with our clients to develop concrete, actionable strategies to remove obstacles and push forward towards greater success.

Our primary products and services include:

  • Engaging focus groups that encourage direct and honest dialogue with key stakeholders.
  • One-on-one interviews using a consistent investigative methodology that ensure opinions and actions are captured and evaluated.
  • Survey tools that capture employee sentiment and provide simple to understand feedback
  • Our proprietary perceptual styles tool – TDƒ that provides a non-threatening language for understanding difference perspectives in the workplace.

What are the benefits?

  • Root causes are identified and resolved
  • Productivity & morale improve
  • Performance increases
  • Communication improves
  • Clarity and commitment

How do we work?

Every client is assigned one of our senior consultants. Along with the full support of TDƒ International, and in coordination with internal resources from the client, a plan of action is developed that is grounded in practical, measurable actions. Once confirmed, we get to work, identify the underlying issues, and establish workable solutions.

What happens after our work?

Improvements Occur.

TDƒ International provides visible, long-lasting results. This occurs due to:

  • Solutions based on tangible changes in the organization.
  • A process of discovery for organizations to utilize well after we’re gone.
  • A clearer sense of an effective, balanced approach to communicating with others

Why use TDƒ International?

For decades TDƒ International has made a difference in corporations large and small, in industries as diverse as Energy, Financial Services and Public Safety.

TDƒ is a simple to understand, yet powerful perceptual styles tool that stays with participants long after their workshop experience. Compared to other tools in the market, TDƒ is unmatched in its richness, content and application.