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Our Team

Like all companies, we are a collection of disparate personalities and styles. We’d like to give you an idea of who we are. By “taking our own medicine” so to speak, we are better able to address the issues that are faced by our clients.

Unlike large consulting firms stocked with freshly minted MBAs, our staff has the benefit of real-world experience; successfully analyzing, implementing and delivering innovative, proven approaches to change management and HR transformation.

Jerry Klarsfeld, DTƒ Chief Executive Officer
Jerry has run his own consulting firm since 1979. His focus has been on organizational change, executive consulting, and pre and post-merger integration. His work has helped numerous organizations improve their performance and individuals reach their personal and professional goals and objectives. His twenty-seven years experience, working primarily at the executive level, provides the solid leadership foundation at TDF International, and serves as an invaluable resource to client organizations. Jerry holds a Masters Degree from St. Mary’s University and an Advanced Graduate Degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University.
Bill Roberts, DFt Director of TDF Products
Bill has worked as a consultant and trainer since leaving college teaching in 1985. Trained in clinical psychology at Purdue and Duke, Bill has worked as a psychotherapist, a professor, a training designer, and a writer. Bill is one of the most experienced TDƒ practitioners in the company, and brings that expertise and his twenty years of experience to all his efforts. He is the co-author (with David Farr) of Finding Your Place: The TDƒ Map and other TDƒ books and materials.
David Farr, FDt President & Chief Operating Officer
David is the creator of TDƒ. David has spent most of his adult life as an organizational-development consultant and as a senior executive in a Fortune 500 corporation. He is the co-author of Finding Your Place: The TDƒ Map; The TDƒ Resource Book; The TDƒ Pattern Inventory, and other TDƒ products. David has degrees from Baylor and SMU, in addition to his decades of experience in the corporate world.
Traci Klarsfeld, DFt Director, Training Services
Traci holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Communication from San Diego State. She has 15 years of corporate training and development experience with an emphasis on team dynamics and group processes and leading and surviving in times of change. Traci has managed operational and professional development training teams, and designed and implemented corporate-wide training initiatives. She is the co-author of Introducing TDf: Understanding yourself; understanding others.
Dan Mahoney, FTd Managing Director
Dan is an experienced executive manager who has used TDf in practical situations for the past 15 years of his career. For the last 38 years, Dan has worked in the high technology, and banking industries, with his last position being the Chief Research and Client Officer of Forrester Research, Inc. He has personally applied TDf methodologies in building effective organizations, developing working teams within a company, interacting with clients, and merging companies and organizations. Dan acts as an interface for TDf clients to the organization as well as a management coach. He has a BA in Mathematics from Marist College, graduate study in Computer Science from New York University and the MBA program at Santa Clara University.
Jerry Brown, Ph.D., TFd, Certified TDF Trainer
Jerry was in on the early days of the formation of TDf. In his thirty year career he has used the TDf in a variety of settings. As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and a certified Pastoral Counselor working with individuals, couples and families, he found the TDf to be the most effective of the several personality instruments on the market. In teaching a Personal and Professional Growth course for graduate students, TDf served as the tool to discovering self-identity, understanding others and developing growth strategies in every aspect of their lives. When Jerry served as the manager of a hospital-based behavioral health clinic, he trained the entire staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and support staff in the TDf. In more recent years he has transitioned into conducting TDF workshops and consulting with businesses such as hospitals, leadership groups, CPA firms, retail sales and even using horses to demonstrate the practical applications of TDf. In addition, Dr. Brown has written a book on team-building and several articles on self- awareness, management, leadership and communications. He also trains psychotherapists in the use of the TDf. Dr. Brown has degrees from Baylor University and Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary. For more information visit Dr. Brown's website drjerrybrowntdf.com.