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  • read-pattern-f

    TDF Web Tutorial


    An enjoyable interactive online introduction to TDF. The tutorial usually requires an hour to complete and requires that you know your TDF Pattern, so be sure to complete the Inventory first. An access code will be emailed to you from our office.

  • inventory

    The TDF Pattern Inventory


    The personality inventory identifies which of the six TDF patterns you most resemble. It is a statistically valid and reliable scoring instrument that takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. An access code will be emailed to you from our office. What’s your pattern?

  • tdf

    TDf Pattern Buttons


    Colorful pattern buttons enable people to claim and celebrate their unique pattern perspectives, and serve to reinforce the value of diversity in the workplace and community.

    Please note that the team buttons are currently out of stock.

  • book

    Finding Your Place – The TDf Map (book)


    Written by David Farr and Bill Roberts, this book introduces readers to the TDf® theory. TDF is a tool for knowing yourself better and knowing others better. We are different. I have skills, potentials, and limits. You have different skills, potentials and limits. This is confusing territory. We need a map and TDf is that map.